Our Process



First and foremost: so much thought goes into the design of our products, whether it be the watches or the accessories. We send out numerous designs and have samples made, then test every single one to determine which design we eventually choose. 

Once the designs are selected, we send them off to one of our carefully selected factories along with as many Australian sourced components as possible, taking into account prices and quality; that means some watch components and also some leather can be from Australia and sent overseas.

We stay in nearly constant contact with these companies, video chatting and photo exchanging just to make sure our product is made in the exact way we need it to be made to ensure that you fall in love with it just as we do!

During the assembly phase, a real life human personally assembles each and every one of our watches, and a real life person also hand stitches/glues/and hammers our bags. Finally the QC team at each factory (my husband, in my case!) goes through each and every watch, bag and earring to ensure the quality is up to scratch! 

Once the products make their way back into Australia, they are once again thoroughly checked. I personally unwrap and check each item, re-wrap and add tags or packaging as required and then post them out to you. 

The names we give our products also mean something special. You'll notice that each of the watches are named after a town in Australia. Condobolin was chosen because it is where my grandmother, Marjorie, grew up and I have some of the fondest memories of her telling me stories from her childhood in Condobolin. 

Boorabbin used to be a small town in Western Australia, it is now a national park, but back in the 1800's is was a spot in the middle of a sand plane where travelers could stop and purchase water. It was always really busy, then on the 7th December 1895 a railway line opened and all foot traffic through Boorabbin ceased. The town dried up and now there is not much left.  

Portland is known as the birthplace of Victoria. I went there as a child and still remember the vibrancy of the beautiful botanic gardens and it seemed only fitting to name on if the daintier watches after such a fantastic piece of Australian history. 

Karratha is named after a cattle station which was established in 1866. the word 'karratha' means "good country". Karratha is home to the famous "Staircase to the moon" photos, which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. 

Thank you for your support

- Morgan and The Farm House Family xx